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Travel Insurance 

When looking forward to your vacation the last thing you want to do is think about something going wrong. Still, even the best-planned trips can be impacted by an unexpected illness, medical emergency, natural disaster, adverse weather, delayed flights, road closures or lost or damaged luggage. These troubles can occur when least expected, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your non-refundable vacation costs and incur unplanned expenses

CSA Generali Trip Insurance is specially designed to help protect you and others staying at your reservation from specific covered events. With this valuable protection plan, you get:

  • Trip Cancellation coverage for a variety of unforeseen circumstances, including mandatory evacuations and sickness and injury of yourself, a traveling companion or family member
  • Valuable assistance services including 24/7/365 emergency assistance, concierge services, on demand medical care— including no-out-of-pocket medical expenses— identity theft resolution and roadside assistance
  • A wide range of post-departure coverages, including Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, Medical and Dental, Emergency Assistance and Transportation, Baggage, Rental Car Damage and more. Note Rental Car Damage is not available to residents of Texas
  • A 10-day free look to review your plan and decide if it’s right for you. If you wish to cancel your plan within 10 days of purchase and have not yet left on your trip or filed a claim you can do so and receive a full refund of your plan cost

Anticipating the unexpected and covering it with travel insurance will help protect you and your traveling companions from surprise expenses. To learn more about travel insurance, you are encouraged to reach out to CSA Generali directly at 866-999-4018 (give them the producer code SAVANNLR when you call so your policy will connect to your reservation with us) or visit their website

The policy  we sell on this site is 6.95% of the non refundable trip cost. This G-330CSA Guest Protect policy which is available through has many additional coverage benefits that are not included in the pared down policy available on HomeAway/VRBO websites, even though their policies are also through CSA insurance. 


You will also notice that Damage Insurance is an option during our online booking checkout. We know your group plans to be respectful and careful but accidents can happen to anyone. The CSA Property Damage Protection policy is an optional line item at $49 flat rate per booking. This "Vacation Rental Damage Protection (G-20VRD)"  covers up to $1500 of accidental damage like spills on rugs or furniture, broken dishes  or glassware, lost keys or stained linens. 

If you are already booked but you did not get trip cancelation insurance or accidental damage insurance you may still add it after your booking is confirmed. Please contact us to purchase the policy.

 You may buy the insurance through us even if you booked through a third party website such as VRBO or Airbnb. We simply send CSA Generali your payment along with reservation details including the ID number, guest email and mailing address. cannot sell insurance directly to residents of NY or HI due to licensure reciprocity opt-out for those 2 states but the CSA Generali insurance company is more than happy to sell the premium policy we offer directly to residents of those states. Their number is 866-999-4018.